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   BHMC is a premier institute in the field of homoeopathic education. It endeavors to simplify the science of homoeopathy through a uniquely designed and highly effective syllabus. Our learning processes inculcate the qualities of observation, analysis, integrity and compassion in our doctors which allows a personal as well as an academic evolution.

    Our vision is to provide high class academic and clinical education to those who seek to practice homoeopathy professionally.






At Bakson we recognize that no science can be static and to enrich the science of homoeopathy continuous learning and compilation of experience of its practitioners must continue. This medical college caters to the changing needs of homoeopathic learning and an expression of Bakson's commitment towards providing quality education. The institute endeavors to produce learned homoeopaths with a rich and commanding knowledge of the fundamentals of Homoeopathy . We guide and support our students throughout the course and beyond as they tread the path of learning homoeopathy.

BHMC is a modern and progressive institute of homoeopathic learning. The college premises stretch over 2.2 acres of land with the built up area of approximately 1,25,000 sq. ft. The college has well equipped laboratories with all kinds of modern and highly sophisticated equipments.

Here, the students receive quality education from qualified professional lecturers with years of experience at leading institutions. Apart from receiving quality education from qualified, committed teachers they have access to a broad range of electronic resources. Students also have ample opportunities to practice homoeopathy intensively.

Students are encouraged to participate in Seminars, Debates and Cultural Program and emphasis is given to boost up the overall personality of the students.

 Our professional counselors are available for the students to sort out their queries.






The aspiring Homoeopathic Graduates should select 'Bakson Homoeopathic Medical College' primarily for two-fold reasons:

 Professional Education in any discipline needs both 'Knowledge' and 'Skill'.  Being a dynamic institute with an escalating outlook, the focus here is on both teaching and research.  For this purpose, faculty of this college employs all sets of instructional technologies and provides sufficient and extensive opportunities for practicing the acquired knowledge. We provide a structured, rigorous and dynamic course. 

 Bakson's Homoeopathic Medical College aims towards imparting quality education at undergraduate and post graduate level as well as providing unmatched health services.  Besides teaching, students are also groomed in such a way so that they develop strong personalities and better skills.


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